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Epicor ERP

Enforce your business rules and processes while increasing productivity.

Integrate business data.

Salesforce CRM

Extend your business data to a familiar interface with global reach.

Deliver business insight.

Reporting Services

Empower decision-makers to fuel business growth and recognize opportunity.

Epicor Services and Support

Epicor is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system used across the globe in organizations of all sizes and types of business. Epicor can enhance efficiency, drive business growth, and empower personnel to succeed. Epicor provides best practices and proven workflows common to businesses, while also providing a framework to support organizational specific processes and their unique business rules.

From partnering with you on your Epicor implementation to solving challenges of your existing Epicor deployment, Red Frame Innovations delivers the experience and best practices that support the success of your organization.


Salesforce Integration and Support

Salesforce is a cloud based system that is much more than a leading CRM. Salesforce is a framework that provides extensibility and a range of customization functionality. This extensible cloud based functionality lends itself to providing internal organization data to an external audience with an online internet browser. Building a data integration between internal systems and Salesforce can yield possibilities for any size organization.

Red Frame Innovations delivers integration solutions that are scalable and budget friendly. With zero licensing fees and no hefty up-front development costs, your organization can realize both the benefits of data integration and a positive Return On Investment.


SQL Server Reporting Services Resource

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a component of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. A robust reporting platform that quickly transforms database data into purpose driven information for the business decision maker. From the paperless organization to the not-so paperless organization, Reporting Services provides the information you need where you need it.

Profitable decisions and tangible success, are results that require correct information - actionable business intelligence - to be available and flexible.

Red Frame Innovations delivers the Reporting Services (SSRS) skillset that empowers your organization with business intelligence. You’ll gain the business insight and clarity that leads to optimizing effectiveness, and decisions that fuel growth.



Problem Solving with Experience and Perspective

Framing a problem with perspective can yield an innovative solution.

The Professional Services of Red Frame Innovations are focused on delivering the most appropriate solution for your unique project. The appropriate solution achieves your goals, maintains the business rules, and enhances workflow processes. An appropriate solution can strengthen collaboration, increase efficiency, and fuel growth. The results drive sustainable business success.